Power Rangers is a month away from release, and and as our excitement grows, Lionsgate has provided us with new TV spots.  The newest commercial, titled “You Five” all but confirms the multiple reports that Rita Repulsa is in fact the Green Ranger.

It’s heavily rumored that Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa is in possession of the Green Ranger coin. That alone of course, does not make her the Green Ranger. The original Series, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers saw Rita only as the holder of the Green Ranger’s (Tommy Oliver) power. There are also rumors going around that Rita will be the original Green Ranger who defeats Zordon, the original Red Ranger, causing him to be trapped in a inter- dimensional tube. Her henchman, Goldar, was destroyed in the fight and his essence was turned into matter. Rita needs gold to rebuild him, and resorts to robbing a Russian gold bank to obtain him. We have it on good authority that this is a part of the plot in the first draft of the script, but we don’t know if it made the final cut. While this is not confirmed a new TV Spot sheds light some possible light on the rumor.

In this newest TV Spot we see Rita hovering over Trini in her bed as we did in the original teaser. She asks “Do you know who I am? I was once just like you, full of hope”.  It would make sense for her to say this if she betrayed the Rangers and is the Green Ranger. In the original incaration of  the series we always saw Rita as the villain. The remake indication that at some point she was good and fought alongside the Rangers until she breaks ties with them and turns of her former teammates. This is still all speculation, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Power Rangers hit theaters March 24, 2017.

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