It has now been one week since I saw the Lego Batman movie, and I have been mulling it over and making sure my opinions of it weren’t just based on an adrenaline high from the epileptic shock that is the pacing of this film. So after a full week of reflection I can say without any bias, that Batman Movie is probably the best superhero movie I have seen in at least the last year. The plot is fairly simple, with Will Arnett’s Batman being a narcissistic jerk who must learn the values of teamwork, family, and self-sacrifice, in order to save Gotham from Zach Galifianakis’ spasmodic yet heartwarming Joker. Yet beyond this relatively simple plot a film filled with self referential humor not only to most superhero films but also the movie industry in general with plays on some classic movie tropes. Truly this is a film kids can go to for the bright colors, fast pacing, and fun humor, while adults can experience it as a surprisingly clever parody of superhero movies while taking in plenty of Easter eggs spanning from the classic 60s Batman all the way to Batman Beyond. I really recommend this movie to anyone who considers themselves a Batman fan in the slightest as well as to anyone that just wants to enjoy a relatively simple, yet hilarious action movie. The only negative thing I can really knock it for is it’s relatively clichéd plot (which was probably done on purpose) and the super chaotic Lego animated fight scenes which are hard to really gain any focus at all. Other than these minor flaws, this is a film that everyone should give at least one watch to.


-T.M. Groff

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