Sideshow unveils a new Boba Fett in their flagship Premium Format
In a recent Facebook Livestream event, Sideshow revealed a new prototype of everyone’s favorite Bounty Hunter – Boba Fett!
Taking inspiration from his memorable appearance in Return of the Jedi, Sideshow has created an all-new Premium Format Figure that pays homage to the mysterious man-hunter!
Standing atop a gritty and worn “Jabba’s Palace” character base, Boba Fett is a cold, calculating, and confident Bounty Hunter in his prime.
Like many of Sideshow’s Premium Format Figures, this piece mixes highly-detailed sculpture with painstakingly tailored fabric elements. This museum-quality collectible has all the attention to detail and movie-accurate subtleties that Sideshow fans have come to expect from their Premium Format Figures. Outfitted in his battle worn Mandalorian armor and jetpack, and wielding his EE-3 Blaster Carbine, Boba Fett is not a man to be trifled with, striking fear into the hearts of even the most hardened galactic gangsters. Every piece of Boba Fett’s iconic outfit has been lovingly reproduced in jaw-dropping detail. From the blaster-scorched and dented panels of his breastplate to each individually braided “wookiee scalp” trophy!
A Sideshow Exclusive variant figure features a swap-out hand with a concussion grenade launcher.
Sideshow continued their tradition of using their Livestream as a way of debuting upcoming projects and prototypes, making this Facebook video a must-watch event for fans and collectors.
Though the Premium Format Figure is currently pending pre-order (pre-orders begin 3/30/17), Sideshow have already announced a giveaway contest, giving one lucky fan the chance to claim one of the first figures as they are released later next year!
To enter the giveaway contest, follow the link below.
Pre-order information for the Boba Fett Premium Format Figure has yet to be announced, but Sideshow are recommending that fans sign up to the MAILING LIST and to watch their weekly Facebook LiveStream for the latest news and gossip from Sideshow HQ.

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