An expanded Deadpool 2 teaser with additional scenes than the in theaters one was released on March 4.  Like any Deadpool comic this teaser is full of fourth wall breaking easter eggs and I’ll explore and explain those.

Deadpool sees a crime and runs to the phone booth.  While doing this the Superman theme from the 1978 Richard Donner film is being played.  Deadpool changing in a phone booth itself is a reference to Superman.

On the phone booth the name Nathan Summers is written.  Summers is the real name of character Cable.  The after credit scene in the first Deadpool movie Deadpool explains Cable will be in the sequel.  Cable is Scott Summers aka Cyclops’ son and is a time traveler.  Deadpool and Cable have teamed up in the comics and work well together.  Cable is the gruff and serious opposite of Deadpool’s constant jokes.

On the marquee in the background is a Logan tonight advertisement.

While Deadpool is in the phone booth he tries to call Laird.  It is unclear who Laird is, but he is later revealed to be his costumer.  I was not able to find any Laird in Marvel comics who it could be, so it could be an inside joke or a character revealed in the film.

In the background as Deadpool exits the phone booth two Firefly posters are in a window.  Joss Whedon wrote and directed the TV show and also directed the Avengers movies.  It is unclear why it is in there other than it is a geek favorite show.

Stan Lee tells Deadpool “nice suit” as he runs across the street.  Lee did not create Deadpool, but he is a Marvel legend so he can be in whatever he wants.

As Deadpool approaches the crime scene we see OGGY spray painted on the wall.  I have no idea why it is on there.  I was able to find an Oggy in Marvel comics,  but he is a giant from Thor comics.  This could be just an inside joke or a character introduced later, but we won’t know until the movie is released.

To the right of the OGGY there is a movie poster for the Logan film.

The teaser ends with Deadpool talking about how Logan’s costume is just a tank top and jeans.  This could be a nod to how the internet really wants Logan to wear a traditional Wolverine costume.  As Deadpool talks more about Logan he begins to speak in an Australian accent as Hugh Jackman who plays Logan is Australian.

In the ending crawl Deadpool explains The Old Man and the Sea in his own words.

The teaser trailer does not have a release date, but IMDB has March 2, 2018 as the release date.  That is a long way out, but my fingers are crossed it doesn’t get delayed.

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