Following the showing of footage at a recent Disney investors call, /Film has a more extensive write-up of what was shown to investors beyond what might be Luke’s seemingly first spoken dialogue since Return of the Jedi. Aside from the important line, scenes shown included:

  • An interior shot from Star Wars: The Last Jedi featuring Luke Skywalker (in some sort of cave or maybe one of the stone huts seen on his island?) saying “Who are you?”
  • Poe Dameron in his X-Wing yelling “It’s now or never” as it cuts back to BB-8.
  • Fighters flying through a line-up of the Resistance fleet – had a feel similar to Rogue One over Scarif.
  • Chewbacca roars.
  • A shot of Captain Phasma.
  • Finn dressed as a First Order Officer on the bridge of a First Order ship. Actress Kelly Marie Tran was standing to Finn’s left, also dressed in a First Order uniform.
  • Several shots of Rey igniting and spinning Luke’s lightsaber.
  • Rey’s hand, in slow motion, with all five fingertips touching the ground and pebbles and dirt hovering around her hand.
  • Leia turning to the camera with a hologram of the fleet behind her
  • An X-wing flying into a hangar, possibly the Resistance’s since it looked like another X-wing was parked there – with the nose of the X-wing flaring/popping upwards as the X-wing braked quickly in the air.
  • There was also a wide shot of the island, with Rey out on the point of a ridge practicing with her lightsaber as Luke is farther up the ridge, looking down towards her.

Later in the presentation, Bob Iger showed the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens to remind us of that ending moment and said that they tend to not reveal too much about upcoming Star Wars movies, but he would show us what comes next.

  • It was a close up of Luke’s hands as he grasps the lightsaber, with both hands, and takes it from Rey. Cut to a wider shot of Luke as he looks up towards the camera. And it ended there! No dialogue. Bob Iger reminded us again that they don’t reveal too much. Hilarious, Bob! He then mentioned that the sizzle reel had several shots from the film and that they were going to play those clips again in case we missed them. They showed the sizzle again before the D23 Beauty and the Beast screening.
  • It wasn’t much, but it all still looked amazing!

The moment with Rey touching her fingers to the ground sounds truly epic. I can’t wait to hopefully see some of this footage myself at Star Wars Celebration in April.

Another interesting note is that it seems that BB-8 remains with Poe Dameron for at least a big action scene in this film, but this is expected as we knew that the ball bot didn’t accompany Rey to Ahch-To. Another reveal is that Finn is apparently alive (of course) and in the middle of the action, confirming the rumors that he wears a disguise on a First Order ship.

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