With spring slowly rearing its head, we get to check out some sweet new DC issues and check out some slight details to a few new story arcs. While there are enough comics coming out to fill a truck, I decided to take a look at three that stood out to me. To clarify, these won’t be in any particular order based on quality, and any comics I’m not talking about are in no way bad, just didn’t stand out quite as much as the three I chose.

  • All-Star Batman will be returning with a new story arc starting with issue 10. With this new story arc named “The First Ally”, we are getting a new villain who apparently Batman can’t defeat. So while trying to deal with this new enemy, The Dark Knight also learns of a huge conspiracy that has been going on for generations that was masterminded by one of his closest allies. Will Batman find a way to defeat this new villain and figure out the mastermind behind this plot?


  • Supergirl is returning after being banished to the Phantom Zone. Escape from the Phantom Zone is the new story arc that will have Supergirl and Batgirl working together to defeat the Phantom King which is their only means of escape. If this task didn’t seem daunting enough, they must also worry about the Emerald Empress and the new team she is resembling.


  • Titans being one of the most surprisingly great comics to come out of Rebirth, I am incredibly excited to check out the new story arc starting in March. Deathstroke figures out that the return of Wally West could mean the possibility to bring his dead son back to life. So it seems like we will be getting an explosive crossover filled with a lot of emotion and chaos between our favorite heroes and antiheroes.

So while these three series look like they have a lot of potential, there are still tons more solicitations that look great!

Check the out in the link below!


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