Humberto Ramos, ECCC 2016 Interview

Me: “I am here right now with the amazing Humberto Ramos right now. He’s been bouncing around from Spider-Man [and X-Men] onto Champions. You’ve been all over the Marvel Universe. How do you feel about closing up Spider-Man and moving on to something new?”

Ramos: “Well you know…sometimes you feel happy to close a chapter…sometimes not as much. Right now I can tell you I’m really happy doing this Champions book. Of course I have my own personal agenda and I plan on coming back to Spider-Man at some point in my life. But right now, Champions is the place I want to be.”

Me: “Great, Great. Is there any kind of different approach or aspect you’re taking to Champions that you didn’t have before?”

Ramos: “Well you know, it’s a different book, it’s a different team. It’s a different message we’re trying to send to the readers. Mark [Waid] and Dan [Slot] have a different mindset. So whatever Mark is planning to do with this book, it feels and reads different from what Dan has created from the Spider-Man Universe. Again, it’s different characters, so you have to do it that way.”

Me: “Personally I love those characters. I think they’re really fresh and a lot of fun. Anything else before we close thing up?”

Ramos: “Well you know, I invite people to get a hold of the Champions book and give us a chance. We’ve been good, people like it. We’ve have a lot of positive good social media response to the
book; and it’s good to be working on a book that brings joy and some hope to the people. And now days, the one thing we need the most is hope.”

Me: “I think that’s a great way to close it. I think those characters do do that and I personally find all those things in them. So, thank you for your time. Your work is beautiful.”

*Amen to your statement on hope Mr. Ramos! I think we all feel you there. I sincerely HOPE I get better at taking and editing pictures on the fly. That way creators like yourself don’t appear as a deer in headlights with a bad angle.

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