Dennis Hopeless, ECCC Interview 2016

Me: “Let’s first give a shout out to the WW Fans. Anything you’d like to say to the fans?”

Hopeless: “Fans of the book or fans of WWE?”


Me: “Let’s try both.”

Hopeless: “Fans of the WWE should definitely try the book; and fans of the book, thanks for giving us a shot. I think we’re doing something sort of fun and new with the comic that they’ve never really done before. It’s very much tied into the actual, surreal lives of Raw & Smackdown and not trying to make that characters superheroes; but just like telling their character’s story and digin it.”

Me: “That’s cool. That’s a fun idea. I can see that working for sure. You’ve also been working on Spider-Woman for a good amount of time now [about 2 years] and given the character a massive overhaul, I would say for the better. We’ve got a new costume, Jessica’s been pregnant and had a baby. What would you like to say about your contribution there?”

Hopeless: “Spider Woman’s my favorite thing I’ve ever written. It’s very personal to me. I remember when I pitched the pregnancy arch. My wife had just had twins, so I was going through some really personal stuff. The premise of the book was always “Jess wants a normal life”. She quits the Avengers and wants a normal life. So we were going to hit her in the face with normal and there’s nothing more normal and terrifying than having a baby. It was really fun to dig into the character and show what it’s like to be a superhero and a mom and a normal human begin all at once.”

Me: “I think that’s a very good way of putting it and the fact that it’s personal enhances that. I think whenever creators can make something personal, it brings out some strength in the character and that definitely shows. Anything else coming out you want to give a nod to?

Hopeless: “Yeah, I have one new issue of All-New X-Men coming out and then I’m launching the Jean Grey series that’s starting in a couple of months. I just turned the letters in for the last issue of Spider Woman. It ends with issue 17 and I’ll be taking over Dr. Strange from Jason Aaron.”

Me: “Great, great thanks for your time.”

*This was admittedly, one of the chance interviews I wasn’t prepared for. I didn’t have my ducks in line (mentally) and I think Dennis could tell. But he was still very really nice about it. Good luck finding a crafty way to kill Jean Mr. Hopeless.


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