Yesterday we reported that Moonlight’s Janelle Monae was the front runner to play Domino in the Deadpool sequel. Well those rumors got shot down when Deadpool writer Rhett Reese tweeted out the info was “WRONG”.

Well, it looks like the wait is finally over! After all these long months of speculation, rumors, and fan-casting, one of the most important characters in Deadpool’s lore has been cast for the sequel! So, without further ado, our next Cable will be —

— *adjusts notes* no, wait, nevermind, we still don’t have a Cable. But we have the next best thing! The female lead, Dominio, has been cast, and it’s Zazie Beetz (FX’s ATLANTA)! Here’s a tweet from Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, confirming the casting.

I personally love the casting. Zazie was amazing on FX’s ATLANTA. So after seeing her go toe to toe with Donald Glover in key comedic and dramatic scenes, I know she’ll have no problem dealing with The Merc with the mouth.

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