1. Huntress: Before Huntress was working for Oracle (Batgirl), she was a villain working with the likes of the Sportsmaster. Together Huntress and Sportsmaster captured Batgirl and Robin and forced them to compete against each other.  Needless to say but, Batgirl and Robin were able to bring down the evil duo by combining their detective abilities.  We may see this character introduced in the first film.

Abilities: “Archery: Huntress carries her trademark crossbows on her at all times. Whether they’re dual mounted mini-crossbows or one large crossbow is up to her as she has proficiency to use both. She’s once used a single bolt to split a bullet in two.

Criminology: Huntress grew up in a criminal environment and later spent a few years surrounded by gangs and criminals. If there ever was a street-wise hero who stayed on the straight and narrow it would be the Huntress.

Driving: Huntress is an effective driver, able to pilot the Batmobile in high stress and combat situations as well as her own motorcycle at varying degrees of above-average driving situations (being shot at, accelerating to high speeds and over semi-separated bridges).

Firearms: Over the years Huntress realized that firing and reloading bolts at armed individuals may not be the most effective even if they were the most non-lethal. She’s adapted her arsenal over time to include various firearms.

Investigation: Batman, himself, has mentioned Huntress’s prowess during investigation situations. She is credited as the “Batman” of the Birds of Prey team and regularly spends her free-time solving cold cases especially when the Mafia is involved.

Martial Arts: Huntress was very much a street fighter before honing her skills in martial arts. She spent many years getting into intentional fights just to prove and test her mettle. She has since fine-tuned her skill after years of work with Black Canary. She learned various disciplines of martial arts, enough to challenge even Lady Shiva. She prefers to use a specific kind of Kung Fu learned from Richard Dragon.

Dragon Style Kung Fu: One of the many disciplines she has learned is Dragon Style Kung Fu.

Stick Fighting: Although she prefers to use her martial arts and hand-to-hand combat when it comes to close quarters there has been many occasions where Huntress has used her Battle-Staff to taken on multiple enemies.

Multilingualism: She can speak both English and Italian fluently.

Peak Human Condition: Huntress works hard to keep her body in peak physical condition. She stated her costume change to include more skin was a result of her 300 ab crunches a day.

Pedagogy: Before and sometimes during her career she has taught at various schools and varying people the complicated language of English. She has cited her skill as a teacher on a few occasions but prefers to leave her civilian life out of sight.

Stealth: Huntress can be very stealthy when she needs to. With her specially outfitted suit and various toys in her utility belt she can sneak into a facility and learn whatever information she desires although she sometimes prefers to fight her way in.” (DC Wiki)

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