Glory was birthed to stop a war between her people, but can she do it again?  Find out in Glory Vol. 1: The Once & Future Destroyer.

The Amazonians and a demon race were at war, but eventually two warriors fell in love.  Out of this relationship Gloriana Demeter aka Glory was born and ended the war.  Glory was the most powerful warrior in all the land and was tasked with destroying whichever side broke the truce first.

She eventually became tired of training and never fighting.  Glory had become very intrigued with Earth, so she left home to use her skills to help humankind. On Earth World War II was in full effect.  Glory tore some Nazi soldiers in half for the Allies.

The war ended, but Glory was still needed and continued to fight.  She did this for years until one day she disappeared.

A young girl named Riley Barnes would have dreams that seemed to be a little more than normal dreams her entire life.  She had dreams of Glory’s battles and adventures, but one day those dreams went on loop.  Barnes decided to do her journalism thesis on finding Glory.

Barnes found Glory in a French village in grave condition.  No one knows how Glory ended up like that, but Glory says war is coming to Earth.  They don’t have much time and Glory must train Barnes quickly.

Glory was written by Joe Keatinge with the art by Sophie Campbell.  The volume was published by Image Comics in 2012.

I really liked this volume.  It had everything I was craving at the moment.  A great gory action comic, but with some lore behind it.  The idea of a normal person finding out they are the “chosen one” and only they can save the world is always fun.  

This story is different than the regular Conan-esque barbarian war stories in two ways.  The first is there is some technology like space ships and jetpacks intertwined with the swords and axes.  Second is all the heroes are female.  The three main heroes of the volume are women.

Keatinge did an excellent job of packing in lore to the story.  Many writers have a hard time putting in all the relevant lore into a volume.  However, Keatinge put all that lore into the first issue.  I know just the right amount of lore to where I understand what is going on, but where I still want to read the next volume to find out more.

In a story like this I didn’t expect so much complex world building.  The story has twists and turns which are really intriguing.  I am really excited to read the next volume and see where this story goes and how it plays out.

My hope is the story gets a bit more fight scenes with Glory.  She is a great warrior and I just want her to have a long dragged out fight to really show her skills.

This is a great comic for fans of Conan or Red Sonja.  It has the old school feel of those types of stories, but has them taking place in a modern era with no fish-out-water element.

Another comic which taps into the gory and chosen one tone of this comic is The Strange Talent of Luther Strode Vol. 1 by Justin Jordan.  Luther Strode is always picked on until he finds an ad for a special workout program.  He then becomes a musclebound superhero.  This is an amazing book and I really want to write a Comic Rewind on it sometime.


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