The Carlyle family’s Lazarus, Forever Carlyle, investigates the theft of some seeds and uncovers a conspiracy in Lazarus Vol. 1.

A Lazarus is a family’s bodyguard, but they are excellent fighters, have an enhanced healing factor, are at least part robot (one is half or more but he may be unique) and can be “rebuilt.”  There are multiple families running everything and are like mob families mixed with large corporations.  

Each family has at least one Lazarus, but we have only been introduced to two families so far.  Other families may have more or less.

Forever is introduced as being a little bit different from the other Lazarus.  She regrets killing and asks her doctor if all Lazarus feel the same as she does and the doctor said no.  

Some seeds were stolen from a Carlyle facility and someone on the inside has betrayed the family.  Forever must find out who the traitor is and if they are working with a rival family.

The volume was written by Greg Rucka with art by Michael Lark.  Lazarus was published by Image Comics in 2013.

I really enjoyed parts of this comic.  Having each family have a bodyguard capable of extraordinary feats I really liked.  As the story progress a chance to see Lazarus fight each other is really exciting.

What I didn’t like is all this political/corporate espionage stuff.  Those parts of the story kinda bored me.  Hopefully the story will include less of that and more fighting.  As this is just the first volume and its purpose is to set up the story it could ramp up in the second volume.  I have heard really good things about this comic, so I am really hopeful.

I really want to know more about what the Lazarus are.  They are labeled as brothers and sisters of the family, but are they blood related or just adopted?  What kind of training is involved?  Is a Lazarus chosen, built or do they volunteer?

These are all questions I have which are burning a hole in my little brain, but have not been answered.  I am ok with having lingering questions as long as at least some of the questions are answered in the next volume.

I enjoyed the comic, but I was left wanting so much more.  The comic left me saying “that’s it? But what about that other thing?”  There is a lot of potential in the series, but at this point I can’t recommend it.  I just don’t know if there’s any payoff to the series.

Another comic which I can recommend with a female protagonist is Pretty Deadly Vol. 1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick with beautiful art by Emma Rios and Jordie Bellaire.  It tells the story of Death’s daughter living on Earth.


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