In this week of E-sports also known as electronic sports or competitive gaming, there has been one too many controversies with players spurting out racial slurs and insults.

Earlier this week, Toronto E-sport’s Matt “Dellor” Vaughn spurted out the “n” word about a few dozen times if not more during a competitive Overwatch match. Video below, be cautious, it gets loud.

Today, Brazilian E-sport’s Felipe “YoDa” Noronha, a League of Legends player, is in hot water for several derogatory comments about Japanese players, including calling them chicken.

YoDa has been suspended for three games and has isssued several apologies, including this video. Vaughn, unfortunately, is done in the e-sports world.

Holy crap guys. It’s not 2003, you’re not 13, and this isn’t Xbox Live where you would cuss out your team in every colorful word on Halo or Call of Duty.

E-sports is a now a career option and players are to be held to the same standards and ethics as other athletes. You represent a company, a game, several brands, a team, and have thousands of fans.

We get gamers rage, and the salt is real. but this isn’t ok or excusable for any e-sports player. Grow up guys.

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