Fire Emblem introduced four new characters into their mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, today.

This is incredibly fast seeing as how Ike, a fan favorite (WE LIKE IKE! WE LIKE IKE! – Smash Bros chant) was just recently introduced.

Now, a new event called “Hero Fest” released today teasing The Path of Radiance popular characters.

On the banner you can see Ryoma, Azura, Takumi, and Hector. They’re all strong characters that have a high probability of being very rare.

Being the “gacha” game it is, this isn’t too surprising. Fire Emblem Heroes, amongst other mobile games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, are free to play but fans pour in money to get the chance to collect their favorite character. These microtransactions add up, making these oh so seemingly innocent and free games create little holes in your pockets. $1 or $5 or even $10 isn’t too bad at first, but definitely adds up.

To those playing Heroes, good luck! I won’t be because I don’t have any space on my damn iPhone and that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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