I realize I’m a couple weeks behind talking about the announcement of the Console port of Marvel Heroes, but honestly, this is a game I completely forgot existed. The original Marvel Heroes came out back in 2013. At the time, I thought I had been fortunate to have been granted access to the Beta where like many others, assumed I’d play around with it for a bit, get a feel for the game and decide whether or not I was actually interested in playing the official release come June. This was not the case however. I ended up reaching the end game with only 10-15 hours of play over a couple weeks. The game was fun, and I knew there would be new features, new characters, and new stories added, but after having beat it, once the game was released and I found myself starting with a clean slate, my interest quickly went away. That being said, my interest is piqued once again.

The sane thing happened to me with Star Trek Online, but instead of the Beta, I played through the trial and found myself unimpressed, but fast forward to 2016 and the console port, I decided to give it another shot and found myself really enjoying it, the game has gone through a significant number of changes, the special events are fun, and I don’t need to invest a huge block of time to completing missions, my time is split in several directions and it unfortunately doesn’t allow me the time to invest into games like I used to, so that makes being able to knock out a mission or 2 in an hour fantastic because I actually feel like I’ve made some headway in the game.

From what I remember of the original Marvel Heroes, it was similar in that regard, so I’m excited to see what new features, storylines, and characters Marvel Heroes Omega will be bringing to the table.

The bad news is there’s no cross-platform play, your characters from the PC version can’t be transferred to the console, and there are different release dates for the PS4 and Xbox One. There is not a current release date yet, just “This Spring”.

What do you guys think? Will you be picking up Marvel Heroes Omega?

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