That’s right teenagers and adults! If you have ever been interested in collecting DC Rebirth Red Hood and the Outlaws, this is the time! Come to think about, Scott Lobdell has been writing this title for close to 6 years now, not including the gap when James Tynion IV wrote it. Need less to say, there is a reason this title survived the transition into DC Rebirth. Even more so with Dexter Soy (Batman Beyond Universe and Mortal Kombat X) it seems this DC Rebirth comic has no peak! Even with the horrible combination of Artemis and Bizzaro, Red Hood and The Outlaws is still a treat to read.


Let’s get into a brief summary:


“Who is Artemis?” part one! When Artemis discovers that the Bow of Ra has been used to destroy an entire city, Red Hood and the Outlaws race to Qurac to discover the identity of this barbaric bowman—and who they find is too shocking to believe!


With that being said, let’s get into Art. While reading this comic, I couldn’t pin point who Dexter Soy’s style reminded me of. After about 10 pages, it hit me. If you’re a fan of Old Man Logan (Secret Wars) or Penguin: Pride and Prejudiced , which was art by Andrea Sorrentino, you will love this art. Not only is it EXTREMELY consistent but has a beautiful feel and a shading darkness depth to deep colors. This is important to the story they are portraying for Artemis’ backstory.


Now, let’s talk about the writing. I can’t lie to you that I am bias about Scott Lobdell’s take on this story. Sometimes it feels like DC Comics is trying to get rid of this title by switching characters ever 3 years. Fortunately for us, Lobdell has had fun and held this title strong. This issue is nothing less than amazing. What makes this comic work so well is the constant switch between our three main characters. I am truly excited to find out how this verison of Artemis came to be. As should you! Not to mention this Bizarro actually speaks a version of his language that you can understand so it’s hilarious to see his reaction to any situation. And, who can forget the most hated robin of all time, Jason Todd. It seems no body know how to handle Red Hood and any reincarnation of his gang his is in other than Scott Lobdell.


Overall, this is a comic anyone can get into. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make your jaw drop and will leave you satisfied with the first quarter of the story arc. Is this a good jumping off point? Yes, They briefly described exactly what is happened in the previous issues and shortly after you hightail it into this new story arc. Do I suggest you pick it up? Yes, Red Hood is one of the few titles from DC rebirth that I am still collecting via paper. That should say enough. Is this the strongest issue so far? Of this series, it is hard to say because we are switching between three different characters. What I will say is that I have for faith this story arc will be great.

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