New skins for Overwatch fans = HYPE. Players ditch their weekend plans and dish out money to grind for those loot boxes that may have a special skin their favorite character, main, waifu, whatever can rock.

Blizzard recently released a new Heroes of the Storm Nexus challenge that unlocks a new D.Va skin for Overwatch players. Which is great news for D.Va mains everywhere because she only has one legendary skin and is one of the most popular characters.

But the internet exists, so everything must be ruined. Now Overwatch is receiving some backlash for D.Va’s new skin: Officer D.Va.

What’s so controversial about her outfit? The fact that cops are are shit. Law enforcement is seen in a negative light in today’s culture and environment, especially with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The problem with the “officer problem” is that there is NO problem. D.Va is Korean, and not the entire world is the United States. Police enforcement is respected and cherished in Korea and doesn’t have the problems and negative stigma that cops have in the Western world (or just the United States).

So, internet, chill. It’s just a skin for a character celebrating her culture. Nothing to see here, move along.

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