Concept art from the Power Rangers movie reboots reveals some early designs for the film’s villain, Rita Repulsa. A lot of fans were happy with the changes Lionsgate made to the much-beloved franchise. The film still had its critics which a lot revolved around the lack of martial arts and hand to hand combat. One of the biggest changes to the film was the villainous Rita Repulsa. Banks brought the over the top mannerisms but with a lot more attitude. With her new origin story and look many fans might have expected something different.

There were more than a few different variations that were thrown around when it came to designing Rita’s look for the film. Concept artist Aaron Sims revealed the alternate designs on his Instagram page. A lot of it still had that same tattered, reptilian look, but here are some key designs and color changes. You can check them out for yourself below:

Banks has stated that she would be in for another Power Rangers sequel if Saban and Lionsgate decide on doing another. It’s possible Rita could get a costume upgrade later on down the line. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a sequel.



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