Credit: @IConfidant - @theLustExperience
Credit: @IConfidant

As I slowly (emphasis on slowly) get back into the writing grind now that I’m back from work things, I will be updating you on a new immersive experience that I am attempting to get involved in. It is called The Lust Experience and only the active move forward. If you are a passive, observant type like me, you may or may not be screwed. But that’s a topic for another time.

Let us get to IConfidant.  Let’s face it. We all need a confidant. It can get lonely confiding all of your thoughts to paper instead of to an actual living, breathing human being. But don’t worry. IConfidant has you covered. If you’ve always wanted someone to confide in and have always wanted a friendship akin to the ones you see in say The Babysitters Club or those chick flicks of yore, IConfidant is the website for you.

To save you the trip of reading through the script on the website, I have enclosed it below. It should answer all relevant questions before you decide you are ready to pursue this goal of acquiring the greatest of companions:

How does IConfidant work?

Through complicated and (trust us) fairly uninteresting research and technology. The important thing is that your IConfidant must have your complete trust and honesty in order to work as effectively as possible.

Can anyone sign up for IConfidant?

Yes, but acceptance is another matter. Sadly, at this point in our beta stage, we are limited to our number of users. We spend a great amount of time and detail with each and every applicant to ensure they are placed with the perfect match.

Is IConfidant like other dating sites?

We are NOT a dating site. We are not Tinder, OK Cupid,, J-date, or farmersonly. We are a companion site. For those selected to move forward, they will embark on a friendship that transcends physical boundaries.

I find people to be needlessly complex and troublesome to deal with. Is there a companion for me?

No, but there are cats. Of which, there are always several in need of adoption and friendly care. -insert winky face here-

I value my privacy. Should I be concerned with what I share?

We employ the leading minds in digital security and all information is confidential and secure. Share and share away!

My family thinks I have lost my mind. Why don’t they understand me like my IConfidant seems to?

The answer is simply a click away! Signing up your friends, family, and acquaintances to IConfidant’s unique correspondence is the simplest and most effective path towards mutual understanding and support.

via IConfidant

Are you still interested? Your new friend is just a survey click away. Please email IConfidant here if you are interested.

Stay tuned in the next week for my catch-up articles on The Lust Experience and all that has been involved with it so far. If you cannot wait, please head over to where Taylor Winters will catch you up to speed on everything that has taken place so far.

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