Nintendo’s newest, hottest, and most expensive game is getting some brand spankin’ new and shiny DLC!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is getting serviced. Nintendo announced in February that we will see the DLC for Breath of the Wild, and now is delivering on that.

We’re talking new armor, new map update, new navigation options (critical to this game), new mode/trial, new COSTUMES!

  1. New Map: This addition to the map will track where you have been in the last 200 hours of the game. Which should be fine for most of us that played the game, who surpassed 200 hours on this baby? Check out the video to see where you have been and haven’t been yet! Perfect for this open world adventure.

  2.  New Navigation Option: The new “Travel Medallion” can set a single point on the map and allow you to transport to it. The most clutch item in an open world game. You can acquire the medallion in a chest *do do dooo doo*
  3. Hard Mode: All enemies are powered up by one level. Enemies health, so finish them off fast.  Enemies have higher max levels.
  4. Trial of the Sword: New challenge! This challenge has Link start with 0 equipment. No weapons either. Defeat all the enemies in the room, proceed to the next, and the next. You gain weapons as you go. Clear all 45 trials and the Master Sword’s power awakens. This is located in a (I’M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU) sacred location.
  5. Outfits: I saved the best for last! Pictures below of Link’s updated closet, who knew our green tunic, tights wearing friend can be so very stylish.


I am living for Tingle Link. This is part A of a two-part DLC. This collection is set to be released this summer, and the second half sometime later. The only way to get it is as a bundle that will cost $20. Thanks Nintendo, I am now set back $420 for this game. Let’s not kid ourselves, you got the Switch for this game.

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