Katchoo left for Canada without any explanation, but what is she doing and why?  Find out in Strangers in Paradise Vol. 2.

Francine and David go to the airport to pick up Katchoo and as they exit a mysterious man named Digman is watching them.  We learn Digman is the cop Kachoo was trying to rip his face off nose first in volume 1.  Digman was reporting on Katchoo’s location to a Mrs. Parker, but we don’t know why or who Parker is at first.

We get little glimpses of a past life for Katchoo which look to involve prostitution.

Kachoo’s love interest from the first volume, David,  becomes even closer to Katchoo and announces he is in love with her.  This declaration results with a slap to the face.

Katchoo’s trips to Canada are revealed to involve an old friend who is dying of AIDs.  These scenes are really heartbreaking and I won’t lie I may have teared up a little.

Strangers in Paradise Vol. 2 was written and drawn by Terry Moore.  Abstract Studio released the volume in 2012 digitally and 1999 in print.

Well I did it I continued with Strangers in Paradise.  I was not sure if I wanted to continue with the series only because it was so out of my usual comic wheelhouse.  However, this comic is way too good to not read.

The volume is still in black-and-white and I still don’t care.  

This volume is broken into two story arcs.  One with Katchoo’s visits to Canada and the second focusing on this mysterious Mrs. Parker.  I feel the first arc was a little better, but both were done very well.  

The first story arc was a little more emotional and heartfelt.  It also gave a lot of background to Katchoo and made me like her even more.

Katchoo is just this woman who is so vulnerable and puts up these walls around herself, but doesn’t need to.  

An example is she is afraid that Francine will disown her if Katchoo tells her about her past.  I am talking to the comic saying “no she won’t.  She is your best friend.  She will understand.” These characters just feel so real that I can’t help but to talk to them and try to help them.

David was a character who I thought was not going to be an important character in the series.  However, I was really wrong with thinking that.  David and Katchoo have a very strange relationship.  David loves Katchoo, but she doesn’t like him back.  I can’t help but to really root for them.  

I made another character mistake when I thought Francine was the main character.  Katchoo is clearly the main character.  It is especially true in this volume.  Everything that happens it happens to or because of Katchoo.  All I talk about and think about is Katchoo.  It may be a thing where people decide if they are a Francine or a Katchoo person.

One of the things I really loved about the first volume was the humor.  I wondered it the humor would continue in the next volume.  I am happy to say the humor is still there, but it was dialed back a lot.  This is not a bad thing though.  The story is still compelling and immersive.

I loved this comic and I can not recommend it enough.  I will continue to read this comic, but I worry if it can stay at this high level.  Being perfect is a pretty hard thing to maintain, but Strangers in Paradise has done it two volumes in a row.


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