Ten years ago mysterious pillars called Trees rose up out of the ground all around the world.  The world tries to live in their shadows in Trees Vol. 1.

The Trees began to rise.  These pillars were as wide as buildings and as tall as skyscrapers.  However, they are not uniform and some are smaller and some are grouped closely together.

After the Trees rose up they released an acid which killed even more people.  This all happened in a short time, but the Trees have been dormant since then.

This volume is mostly focused on three stories.  An Arctic research camp, a woman in Italy and a young art student in a walled off city in Asia.

Trees is written by Warren Ellis and art is by Jason Howard.  Image Comics published the volume in 2015.

I was really interested in finding out what these Trees were and why they sprouted up.  However, we don’t ever find out in this volume.  The volume being broken down into the three main stories didn’t help.  The only story which dealt with the Trees at all is the Arctic research camp’s story.

A unique form of black poppy begins to grow around the base of the Arctic research camp’s Tree.  This interests me and I want to know why these flowers are growing there, but I don’t get an answer.

Another problem I had with the volume is the young art student in Asia named Tian’ s story.  He meets a trans girl named Zhen and they fall in love.  I don’t have a problem with this at all. The problem I have is that Zhen has zero personality.  She is not a character who happens to be trans, but her character is that she is trans.  Her being so one-dimensional is just lazy writing.

I am not aware of any other comics with trans characters, but I imagine it would be similar to writing a gay character.  Many other comics are able to use gay characters and have a great depth to their character.  One example is Katchoo from Strangers in Paradise and another is Wiccan and Hulkling from Young Avengers.  

If this comic wants to be more of a Walking Dead type of comic and tell the stories of people in this harsh environment then that would be fine.  However, if that is the case then the characters have to be more interesting.  I want to see Zhen as a complete person and not just this generic trans girl.

This comic bored the crap out of me and at the end is started to speed up and get interesting in the Arctic research camp.  I was excited to finally see what was going on with these trees and then they literally flew away as it got good.

Trees Vol. 1 is the worst comic I’ve read in a long time.  Maybe it gets good in the next volume, but I will not waste my time to find out.  There is no way I would recommend this comic to anyone.  The story leaves you wanting more in a bad way and the characters are one-dimensional.


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