Congratulations to Blizzard’s Overwatch, celebrating a successful one-year anniversary!

With this anniversary came lots of updates to the game. Character skins, emotes, maps, and more!

I sat down with Anjali Bhimani, the voice actress of Symmetra, to discuss the anniversary, her controversial skins, her past as a voice actor, and more.

As a fan of Overwatch myself, and I actually do play with Symmetra often, as she is one of my mains, I definitely had some burning questions to ask Bhimani.

Symmetra is one of the game’s most unique characters. She is an unknown hero or villain, we don’t know how she sides. Is she with Overwatch or against them?

Symmetra doesn’t have a backstory like a lot of the other characters do and is hardly featured in the comics. There is none dedicated to her at all, and the updates we have on her is either through her voice lines, her interactions with other characters, the skins, and the updates we get from Blizzard.

Although we don’t know too much about Symmetra, we do know that she has had some fire for her goddess skins. The goddess skins have a strong ode to the Hindu faith and culture. Her skin combines different goddess aesthetics into a legendary skin for Symmetra. The skin is beautiful, but is it ok to characterize a hero with a faith?

In my opinion, faith, just like sexuality (Tracer being gay) and skin color, is incredibly important to diversify the characters. Religion defines and characterizes millions of people on Earth, and there is culture that derives from the faith that the people adopt, such as the hijab for Muslim women.

Symmetra is also a great hero, and for this my favorite, because she is the first hero to be on the spectrum. She has autism, and I’m not sure if we have encountered any video game character dealing mental health issues.

Hopefully we can have a Symmetra based comic in the future Overwatch!

Here’s her new skin!

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