Today, Bungie debuted their Destiny 2 gameplay premiere during a livestream and here is everything new they revealed coming to the game. In the first game, it seemed like once the light was given it couldn’t be taken away. But Dominus Gall (also known as Gary) intends to show the traveler the error of their ways and has come with the red legion to take the traveler’s powers for himself. This creates a world full of superheroes who have lost their powers, their history, and their home and creates a fresh start for all players.

Destiny 2 comes with a new campaign that includes more cinematics than ever before. There will be more to do in this game than in any other game made by Bungie before. In the campaign you will be sent across the solar system to all new places including 4 BRAND NEW WORLDS! This consists of:

European Dead Zone (EDZ) which provides a refugee camp

Titan, a moon of Saturn with no land mass

Nessus, totally occupied by the Vex

Io, a sulfuric moon

You can also now go directly from one planet to another without going into orbit! There’s more story missions which provide quests, adventures, and lots of people to talk to. And you now have a new map to guide you too which marks all the opportunities you come across. Characters you meet will mark Lost Sectors on your map indicating dungeons with treasures and a boss to defeat. So now you can choose the way you play and decide where you go. Bungie has also redesigned the weapon slots including a slot for a kinetic weapon, energy weapon and a power weapon. There are also new supers for each character including:

Dawn Blade, cast your super with a sword while flying over everyone

Sentinel, titan can now summon a shield and throw it at enemies

Arcstrider, summon a staff and wield it like an acrobat

Strikes/cooperative missions are back, including a new strike called Inverted Strier where you fight a 3 stage boss. There is the Crucible/competitive multiplayer where pvp now includes 4v4 across all game modes. We can also expect a brand new raid.

Clans are back, which gave you the option to join teams and play the game with others. But now there is more clan support making it easier to manage/grow a clan with in game rosters, tools and custom banners. They are also adding a reward system which will be shared by every member of the clan as well as Guided Games so solo players can join up with clans to play challenging activities.

If you are itching to try out Destiny 2, a beta will be going up during the summer so stay tuned. And also Blizzard announced that Destiny 2 will be made available on PC exclusively through

Bungie debuted the official gameplay trailer which you can find below

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