Issue 10 of DC Rebirth The Hellblazer seems as underwhelming as there 1 shot issue at the beginning of this Rebirth ordeal. This is interesting because Simon Oliver once wrote a side story during the Vertigo Hellblazer run. You’d believe since he’s had his hand in the classic run of Hellblazer, it would make this good comic but it doesn’t. Philip Tan (Image Comics’ Spawn and Marvel’s Uncanny X-men) art feels a little dry for what should be a amazing comic. Let’s get into a brief synopsis:

“THE SMOKELESS FIRE” part four! John Constantine has a lead on the missing journal, but has Misabel created a false trail? Mercury doesn’t trust the looks of the club where they end up, and only an old enemy can save them!” –

When looking at this issue, you’ll fell more of a webcomic type of art, rather than a glorious DC Comic. Not that there is anything wrong with webcomic art but in a sense, you can tell the difference between the two. Philip Tan has the opportunity to make something great and can if it was consistent. On top of that, all the color seem to light bright for a dark comic such as Hellblazer. This could pull anyone out of the story. I’d like to see Tommy Lee Edwards take on the art for The Hellblazer to give it the gritty look it sorely needs.

Simon Oliver’s writing, on the other hand, hit and misses through the whole issue. You’d think, since Oliver hails from the UK,  he would make Constantine the most interesting character. Instead, we get surprise visits from Papa Midnight which fades away in 2 pages just to get a 4 page rant about Constantine’s life from Mercury. Who seems to just get tagging along with Constantine.

This issue was not good. I’m sure it’s because this is midway into a story arc but even then, seems to be a filler issue. If I’m going to read a Hellblazer book, it needs to be about a dirty, backstabbing, no mercy type of Brit. Once this happens, I suggest picking up The Helllblazer. Until then, stay way.

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