Horizon Zero Dawn, the open world, action role-playing game produced by Guerilla Games, was just released a couple of months ago. It’s beautiful, fun, and now made even better with this last patch that has been released.

Horizon’s newest patch, 1.13, has definitely helped the game a lot. Known for its beauty, users can now take pictueresque screenshots of the game.

This includes even posing Aloy funnily, changing her facial expression, and even taking her headdress off. Oh, scandalous! Just kidding, some of those headdresses are just plain tacky. Different facial expressions include joy and pure. Whatever that second one means.

Oh, and just like every popular photo app today, it comes with filters! How adorbs.

Most importantly, you can now sort your inventory. Time to de-clutter your game map and put your belongings in the right place. From this:

To this:

These photo modes have become more key in games that are open world. We see this feature being used a lot forĀ Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Maybe that’ll have an update soon too? I’d love to pose Link with some funny faces! Or maybe Prince Sidon ..

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