Listen, I like Star Trek, really, I’ve seen every episode of every series and all of the movies. I want to like this new show, but I’m concerned. Star Trek: Discovery (which, if shortened ends up being STD, which is unfortunate) takes place, somewhere between 80-100 years before TNG, 10 years before TOS, and about 90 years after Enterprise . . . AND in the TV timeline, not the new Kelvin timeline created for the current movie series. If they’re looking to easily confuse the mainstream audience, this is definitely how to do it.

Take a look at the recently released trailer:


On the surface it really doesn’t look that bad, there’s not a lot to go on here, but here’s where my concerns come in . . .How are they going to explain to people that it’s not in the Kelvin timeline? Is it even going to be addressed?

We know from the episode of DS9 where the crew traveled back in time to the Trouble With Tribbles episode that there was a disease that caused the Klingons to look Human for a time, so is the new Klingon design going to be explained as having to do with that disease or is it just a design change?


Are these Remans? They look like Remans, so I guess something is going to be going on with the Romulans?




Rainn Wilson’s Harry Mudd is listed as being in 9 episodes, is he going to be like the equivalent of Quark from DS9, will the crew be getting conned a lot or is he going to be like an informant, I need to know.


Doug Jones is portraying a race of aliens that we’ve never seen before . . . why would you invent a new species, since this takes place in the past, shouldn’t we know about all of the species who’ve served in Starfleet? Again, if this was Post-Voyager, a new species could make sense.

The Show is called Star Trek Discovery, but it appears as if the ship we’re seeing is the Shenzhou, Captained by Michelle Yeoh’s Philippa Georgiou. So where is Jason Isaac’s Lorca who is the Captain of the Discovery?


My biggest issue is that while we haven’t seen this specific timeframe, why are we going backwards again? I’d love to see a new series that takes place post-voyager. I’m sure there are several cast members from TNG through Voyager who wouldn’t mind making cameos and there’s tons of unexplored territory going forward. What’s happening with the Borg, the Dominion, The Prophets, the Q Continuum, the Maquis. . . what have The Traveler and Wesley Crusher been up to?

I just feel story-wise it’s a missed opportunity. What do you guys think? Am I being too hard on a show that we haven’t even gotten a full trailer for? Was setting the show 10 years before TOS a good idea? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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