Christopher Grey’s Happiest Apocalypse on Earth Brings Lovecraftian Horror to Children’s Theme Parks

Author and tabletop game designer Christopher Grey announced today that his new roleplaying game Happiest Apocalypse on Earth will be coming to Kickstarter May 30, so that he can secure funding to finalize, publish, and distribute the game. Built on Vincent Baker’s beloved Apocalypse World engine, the roleplaying game will give players the opportunity to roleplay the staff of Mouse Park as they confront, attempt to stop, or help the myriad of horrors and atrocities that lurk behind the scenes of the world’s most famous children’s theme park. It is a story-driven game that enables players to collaboratively tell horror stories in a richly terrifying setting.

The rules-light game system and provocative setting are designed for ease of use and require very little preparation and set-up. Those familiar with the Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) framework will find a unique take enabling more control for players both in the setting and also in creating characters. Players new to PbtA or roleplaying games, in general, will find the rules and setting easy to understand and fun to pick up. It is designed to present a tremendous amount of depth for experienced players but is light enough that anyone can relish the genre without having to become a hardcore gamer.

“This game is peak geek,” said designer Christopher Grey. “It plugs directly into trends like Five Nights at Freddy’s or Creepy Pasta where we all want to make innocent things evil, but it sets the crosshairs on the biggest ‘innocent’ of them all. It’s light, easy to customize, and perfect for you and your friends to find the immense satisfaction of drenching a beloved cultural institution with horrific satire.”

Grey is launching the project on Kickstarter in order to fund the artwork and design work that will be needed, as well as editing, which will be done by industry hallmark John Adamus, who recently just funded a successful Kickstarter of his own for Noir World.

Happiest Apocalypse on Earth will go live on Kickstarter 5/30 with a $8,250 funding goal.

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