Oh my Nintendo! What have you done now!?

Whoever at Nintendo that is in charge of their collaborations with the fashion world is on fire! First the Nintendo x Vans collection (ask me how many I have. Ok I’ll tell you – I have 5 pairs from that collection. 0 shame), and now Uniqlo is partnered up with Nintendo to deliver all these amazing shirts!

The shirts cost $14.90 for Men/Women sizes and $9.90 for Kid sizes. The collection goes up at Uniqlo on May 19th. These designs were created by fans and over 16,000 entries were turned it. They narrowed down the entries and selected these with the help of none other but Miyamoto himself. Can you guess who the grand prize winner was?


I count at least 5 designs I want. At least I have some amazing Vans to go with these amazing shirts. I win.




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