Fables has been a cult classic since the beginning. Of Course, the story needed to continue and Vertigo found a way. With Lilah Sturges and David Justus writing while Travis Moore on art, the story of our favorite Fables lives on. Let’s get into a brief synopsis:

Tension prevails and emotions flare as the Shadow Players monitor the hostage situation at Plano South Senior High. With options dwindling, Bobby Speckland intervenes with a message for the young captors. Across town, Tanner locks horns with Bo and Connor at the height of their breakneck escape from some vindictive giants of Texas folklore—who are hot on their heels with an arsenal of weaponized livestock. – DCComics

This is my first time seeing Travis Moore art and is was not disappointing. Not only was it consistent but it allows you to submerse yourself into the world of Fables once again. One of the best panels is when whenever a flying, bodyless, goat head attacks someone. Yes, you read that right and it is INSANE! It will give you the creeps when you found out what was going on. My hat goes off to you Travis Moore.

Heading into this story, you will be confused. I had no idea who these characters were but mid way into reading, you found out who does what roles and why. Which made these a solid read. The story is midway into a story arc but you’ll get the big picture about 10 pages in. Even better, the action is the comic starts at page one! This comic is a must read.

Overall, Everafter should be picked up. I sure all you Fables fans are already reading this but to some that may want to jump on now, go right ahead! As lost as I felt in the beginning, Fables allows you to figure out what’s going on with no issues what so ever. Is this the greatest issue so far? I have no idea but I am willing to find out.

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