1. During the opening credits.

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2. When you see all the kick ass Amazonians sparring on Themyscira. Robin Wright y’all!!!

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3. When little Diana Prince sneaks off to train with her Aunt Antiope. I mean, I don’t outright condone disobeying your parents, but….

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4. When Diana first uses her Bracelets of Submission, but then you think how come she looks like she doesn’t know what they do? Are they special cuffs that only she has?

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5. Steve Trevor crash lands into the sea of Themyscira and into our hearts. 

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6. But he brings with him the enemy so the Amazons including Queen Hippolyta and Antiope start kicking some major German ass!

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We need more Themyscira <3

7. However instead of using her weapon Antiope takes a bullet (with her body) for Diana and dies.

8. Then the Amazons start to gang up on Steve

and whip out the lasso of truth…

9. After an effortless interrogation the audience is treated to experiencing the ‘Female Gaze’,

The Late Late Show with James Corden hot fan flirting heat GIF

….well hello Mr. Pine.

10. In what was just recently reported to be an improvised scene Diana starts her journey of taking down man’s ego a few notches.

11. In London the generals are all like “What’s a woman doing in here?!” “Who is she?” “We can’t translate these two languages”, and Diana takes them to school.

12. Oh crap! Professor Lupin?!

13. Diana when she first tastes ice cream and thinks it’s God’s gift to man…

14. When someone tells Diana for the zillionth time that she can’t do something.

15. However, she’s had enough, and we get arguably one of the best scenes in the MCU and DCEU altogether.


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16. Steve and Diana dance at the victory celebration, and she gets sexually awakened.

17. Steve once again tries to dictate her actions, and she slams what should be an iconic line, “What I do is not up to you.”

18. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn! Despite what the trailer alluded to General Ludendorff turns out not to be the ultimate baddie.

19. It was Professor Lupin all along!

I knew he was acting sketchy when he forbade Steve from going to the gala.

20. The battle continues, and Steve Trevor decides to pull a Steve Rogers.

21. He says his goodbye to Diana that is seemingly inaudible, but we later find out that he tells her he loves her.

“I can save today, but you can save the world.” <—There are so. many. good. lines.

22. After witnessing Steve’s death Diana finally finds her inner strength which includes some bad ass hero shots that look ripped straight out of a comic.

23. Our Amazonian Princess has gotten a reality check about mankind, and it pains you to see that naivete killed, but she also learns that there is good in man’s world too.

24. The final scene in London and you realize we are more than likely done with Steve, Etta, Sameer, Charlie and The Chief who are up there with the quality of the supporting characters in ‘Ant-Man’.

25. Finally when Diana thanks Bruce for the picture, you know she still has Steve in her heart, she does her final hero pose, and the credits roll.



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