Marvel Comics

Stay with me here! Anyone else tired of the same old plotlines of the X-Men films? I mean, yes, we need to fix what they did with the Dark Phoenix storyline in 2006’s ‘The Last Stand’. However, the X-Men have a plethora of characters and storylines that haven’t even been grazed over. Cassandra Nova is the twin sister, and deduced by Jean Grey to be the mummudrai of Charles Xavier. The latter killed his sister in the womb after sensing her dark ways and hearing her destructive thoughts. However, Cassandra survived this as a sort of parasite and was able to rebuild a physical body after some time. She then sought to destroy everything that Charles had built; his school, his relationships, his future plans, and committed genocide when she wiped out Genosha. This storyline in Grant Morrison’s New Mutant run is in my top three favorite storylines of the history of X-Men. Bringing Cassandra into the fold would give us an antagonist that is truly dark and evil, that isn’t Magneto and his manpain, and that isn’t an ignorant human which has been a typical white male. So scrap The Dark Phoenix film and for crying out loud bring back Emma Frost. I refuse to believe that she was just killed haphazardly. Casting wish list; Charlize Theron, Dame Judy Dench, Glenn Close, Michelle Phifer, Linda Cardellini, Elizabeth Moss.

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