Art by Daniel Kershner.

Adam West was my first Batman, and probably my first introduction to superheroes.  On a family vacation in Maryland for a couple weeks, while enjoying the wonders of cable television (which was not afforded to me at home), 7 year-old Dan stumbled upon reruns of this weird, colorful, ridiculous show starring this weird, colorful, ridiculous man.  I was instantly draw to it.  It was so stupid, but I couldn’t stop watching.  I believe a large part of that was due to West’s wonderful delivery.  He’s said in interviews that the part cost him other roles because people projected the flaky, dim-wittedness of the show upon him as an actor, but I always sensed a sideways eye-wink in his performance.  It felt like he was in on the joke, and I thought he was the perfect anchor for the psychedelic whirlwind that was the Batman TV show Universe.  When British kids talk about Monty Python, it reminds me of how I felt about West and crew.  Silliness ha never been as well regarded or understood in the US, so this newly discovered world felt like a breath of fresh air during the “hyper-extreme” climate of early nineties kids shows.  I felt like I had found something special.

Adam West was special, and he will be missed.

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