We should clarify right at the outset that we don’t have any kind of spoilers or inside information on the seventh season of Game Of Thrones. But given that the show is well known for its tendency to kill off major characters, it seems the time is ripe to speculate about who might be next on the chopping block (perhaps literally). So without further ado, we’re taking a look at some of the characters who seem even likelier than the rest to meet their ghastly and grisly ends.


Euron Greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy was injected into the story seemingly out of nowhere, and one ranking of potential deaths in season seven probably got it right stating that he’s designed to be a “boss battle” at some point. There’s a compelling theory out there that he’s going to have something to do with bringing down the Wall. But beyond that, he doesn’t seem to have any great purpose aside from being someone for Daenerys, Jon, or both to slaughter en route to the Iron Throne. Plus, he’s easily hated, and as of season six, HBO appears more interested in crowd-pleasing, which means there could be incentive to kill him off.


Cersei Lannister

Interestingly enough, last season actually saw official betting odds floating around pertaining to who might die. And when the High Sparrow was given strong odds, the reasoning was that he had run afoul of Cersei, and he was a sound bet for those who thought her revenge would be swift. This time around, it’s Cersei who looks particularly doomed heading into the season. It’s not because of any one person’s thirst for vengeance, but rather because she’s set herself against virtually everyone else in the show. Some even believe her loyal twin brother Jaime might be the one to do her in, having finally had enough of her wickedness.



Littlefinger seems savvy enough to stay alive no matter what’s happening around him, but his list of allies seems to be dwindling. It was made clear in season six that despite his assistance, he hasn’t earned the trust of the remaining Stark children. And by now he’s probably on Cersei’s bad side as well, having essentially disappeared to help the North rise again. It would be difficult to predict how he meets his end, or at whose hands, but he’s running out of people to turn to for help and shelter.


Daenerys Targaryen

Given the aforementioned turn toward crowd-pleasing efforts, the smart money might be on Daenerys surviving all the way to the end. She’s a fan favorite and has been since day one. She also happens to have a massive army and a squadron of dragons at her disposal, and that certainly can’t hurt. But there are some hints that she might actually meet her end, albeit possibly in a mystical sense (meaning she could conceivably be brought back, Jon Snow-style). This one seems fairly unlikely, but if you like to go off of subtext and subtle hints there’s something to it.


Jaime Lannister

We should probably at least consider that the common theory that Jaime will kill Cersei could have it wrong. Cersei is running out of friends, but she still wields great power and is the most heartless person in the Seven Kingdoms. If she has the same hunch we do that her brother might finally be sick of her, she could go ahead and rid herself of the danger. He’d never see it coming, and it would be an interesting twist against a popular prediction.

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