“The Emperor of Evil Returns! A Reception of Mysterious Assassins?!”

In the 94th episode of Dragon Ball Super Series, Goku brings a gift to Fortune Teller Baba, so she will resurrect Frieza to join the tournament. Master Roshi completes his training at Korin’s tower, feeling nostalgic for his old training days. Krillin and #18 go to retrieve #17 while dropping off Goten and Trunks to protect the animals. Marrion also stays with Goten and Trunks.

The Supreme Kai, Roh, and God of Destruction, Sidra of Universe 9 discover Universe 7’s plan to resurrect Frieza and send an army to assassinate him.

Normally when Goku calls upon one of his enemies to assist him to take down a mutual threat, the enemy has a change of heart and joins the Z Fighters. It doesn’t look like that will happen with Frieza.

Frieza and Goku have a unique dynamic in the Dragon Ball Universe. Frieza is pure evil and wants revenge on Goku for killing him, twice. Goku’s Saiyan blood makes him addicted to a good fight; which he knows he’ll get from Frieza.

Yet, there are moments where it feels like Frieza enjoys fighting Goku. In this episode, Frieza’s hand “slips,” and he punches Goku upon his resurrection. Goku returns with a “slipped”hand (punch in the gut) and the two laugh like old rivals. This moment gives a bit of hope that maybe Frieza can learn not to be evil and just become a rival of Goku’s, striving to be a better fighter.

The moment on lasts as few seconds. When the assassins arrive, we see Frieza is excited to execute. Goku immediately realizes that controlling Frieza will not be easy.

Episode 94 is a filler/set-up episode. Not much happens, but characters move into place for what looks like an action-packed episode 95. We see Krillin and #17 meet again after years, and Piccolo and #17 have a moment of mutual respect. The episode is needed, but not the most exciting.

It looks like episode 95 will show Goku what Frieza is like as a partner, which will teach Goku how to fight with and against Frieza in the upcoming tournament. Goku will have to make sure Frieza doesn’t kill while helping Frieza at the same time. This distraction could weaken Goku as a fighter.

Viewers will have to wait for episode 97 to finally see the tournament begin. Until then, expect more action packed set-up episodes, leading up to the big tournament.

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