The video games of E3 are what people come to see.  More often than not, the tech of E3 sometimes gets overlooked in lieu of AAA titles.  This year, there was plenty of tech to make you stop in your tracks for better of for worse.  Here’s some of the really cool, and not so cool things found.


The Alienware Triangle Chassis, Area 51

Pictures do this beast no justice.  If you can afford the nearly 6k price tag, this computer has it all.  It comes 32GB ram standard with upgrade to 64,  A titan card should you desire it, and it just plain looks cool.  Alienware is working with Intel and Dell to create some of the strongest consumer computers known to man, and it shows.

PRICE: 5,929.00,183426486698,901pdb6671,c,,DPCW05BRHS&VEN2=,&dgc=st&dgseg=dhs&acd=1230980731501410&VEN3=870702722469296151


I’m a FPS junkie, and when I saw this thing, I have to play with it.  It’s pretty, it recoils when fired (more like a rumble pack, but still cool), super accurate from what I could tell with the demos, and its just plain fun to hold. It’s currently in indiegogo at 44 percent funded.  Totally worth chucking some money in if your into this kind of thing.  Currently on Vibe only.



I found there was a whole section dedicated to nostalgia.  Thanks to the advent of the mini-NES, there is a niche market building for classic games in “mini form”.  I’m not going to complain that my roms are coming back in its glory.  Just give me a Mini N64/ PS1 and let me live my days in a cave with wifi.


This company is doing some really amazing things.  They are lowkey in the VR space.  Playing with a concept game, I was able to walk, move, shoot mage fireballs.  It seemed simple, but at the same time the technology felt different, the way I played felt much more immersive.  In talking to the representative on site, They build arena rooms.  They built the tech for THE VOID, an arena out of Utah, and was a consultant for the IMAX arenas in LA.  With the current technology on the floor, they could open the space to a 30 x 30 foot space with no loss of latency and data.  That’s incredible!  This kind of tech further developed can create real arenas!  We could see a blend of e-sports and real sports in the near future…just don’t pistol whip me.

Product Showcase

Cougar’s Aluminum and Steel Keyboards

The flimsiness of mouses and keyboards have always bugged me to the point of rage quitting (looking at you ASUS Gladius). This metallic wonder had me swooning.  those WASD keys? those directional?  All made from aluminum parts.  The board?  Steel and aluminum.  If the zombie apocalypse were to happen and I’m at the comp, I’m grabbing this thing as weapon of choice.

The Mega Table

Looking for something nerd chic?  Need the perfect coffee table that is also a working controller?  Do you have 500 to ker-plunker down on something that will be the envy of you gamer cave?  This is a start.  Use coasters though…don’t want to warp the wood.



Of course you are going to get some Gnar tech.  Luckily, there was only two techs that made this list.


I wanted to like it, I really did.  First, there were issues with connecting with the video game.  The devs said it was an issue with the battery so they replaced the bats, then there was another issue where they said its the game itself…”mmmmk” I said.  So I listened to music with it instead.  I didn’t want to turn it up all the way as the high freqs were not balanced with mid or low freqs, making the sound feel screechy.  The mechanics to turn things up and down were ok as they were built into the headphones.  And I really liked that I could interchange the mic, but what good is all of this is your sound and connectivity sucks?  At 180 dollars for a “army skin special edition”, I’ll just grab some bose for a little extra.


It wasn’t bad bad, just overpriced and a solid “meh” in quality.  No pics available, but you can probably find the builds on their website.


There were some tech that kinda needs its own categories.  Strange doesn’t exactly mean good or bad, just take it as you will.

THE VORTEX (insert ominous sounds here)

This gets the most curious award for tech.  This deceptive little speaker thing isn’t a speaker.  This is a environmental replicator created by whirlwind VR.  Let’s say you are playing Assassins Creed and you are in the desert, this thing is going to blow hot air on you.  At night? It will blow cold.  It will give you explosions as a glorified rumble pack, and it doesn’t even need to be compatible with the game.  They built an algorithm studying color palettes, texture, image identification, and other proprietary blah blah that no one is going to care about.  It does take up a good amount of processing power, and they don’t really have an answer for movements in space.  Objectively, the tech is awesome, and cheap, coming in at 130.  You need more of middle-high ended rig if you are going to use it.


Now this thing almost ended up in the bad tech folder, but then I thought maybe I’m not as MLG as I thought and put it in the strange file.  This mouse blew past it’s kickstarter early this year.  It’s got a million buttons where you may think they don’t belong (like under the middle parts of your clicker fingers) and auto drifts when you tilt the mouse  (Apparently not a bug, but an actual feature).  There were several features on this mouse that made me go “But I can do that on my own by pressing/doing/etc etc”.  It’s a product that will ultimately replace a lot of functions on the keyboard for several games.  At first glance it was a pain in the ass to work with, but with a little time, it could be worth all the tech put into it.

There’s much more tech at E3 this year than mentioned above, but this is what really stood out to me.  is there any tech on the list you’d be interested in trying?  Comment below!



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