IDW’s Clue #1 Review

IDW Publishing and Hasbro have combined forces to produce an ongoing mystery series in Clue, adapted from the board game of the same name. The first issue hits shelves June 28th, 2017.

The story is told by an omniscient Butler, Upton, who also breaks the fourth wall and communicates with the editor, Carlos Guzman.

Clue #1 begins with Upton greeting the guests as they arrive during a storm for a dinner party, much like the 1985 film adaption. From there the guests introduce themselves. The first few pages of the book provide an overview of the characters.

The biggest interaction we get is between Mr. Green, who is a Martin Shkrelli knock off, and Miss Scarlet, an Aussie rapper who is at the dinner party to provide entertainment later that evening.

After dinner, someone is murdered to no surprise. That was expected from a Clue story. What is surprising is, we immediately find out who the killer is after about 4 panels. The killer even confesses!

Two detectives arrive at the mansion just before the bridge is flooded, trapping all of the guests.

The issue ends with the first killer being murdered.

Clue has a lot of characters to introduce the reader too and it feels rushed. The story would have been more interesting if we got to spend a bit more time with each character and end the issue with a murder, instead of rushing through dinner and having two murders.

The first issue of Clue wasn’t enough to arouse my suspicion and come back for issue #2. I essentially didn’t like any of the characters, but the Butler. Walter White is evil, but I have empathy for him. I felt no attachment to any character and the mystery doesn’t seem as engaging as I would like it to be.


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