A bear came out of the woods and is attacking people in a city, but there is only one man who can stop it in Shirtless Bear-Fighter! #1.

In the woods a young couple are having a picnic when a bear begins to attack them.  However, a muscular naked man comes out to save them and his name is Shirtless Bear-Fighter.  Shirtless and the bear have a fist fight with the bear eventually losing.

Shirtless takes the bear back to his home made entirely of bear skins.  Waiting for him is the FBI and they need his help.  Shirtless doesn’t want anything to do with humans or the government.  The FBI have tried dealing with this bear, but it is too strong and dangerous.  If Shirtless won’t help them then a nuke may be the only option.

The FBI try to tries to bribe him with crates full of flapjacks and maple syrup.  Shirtless shuffles the flapjacks to see how crisp they are. He puts some maple syrup between his gums and cheek like he is testing cocaine to see if it is pure.

Shirtless doesn’t want to help and leave the woods because he has promised to protect the woods and everyone in it.  He spends his days chasing off loggers and hunting down bears.  

This book is hilarious and is really clever with its jokes.  Shirtless was adopted by a pair of bears and accepted into a peaceful bear community.  When he was found as a baby he already had a full beard.  His bear brother who has an eye patch was not so welcoming.

We don’t know exactly way Shirtless has turned on bear kind, but we get a hint at it in the issue.

When asked who this Shirtless Bear-Fighter is the senior FBI agent says he is just a man, but sometimes God makes a mistake and makes a man too much of a man.

Shirtless is naked throughout the issue which always makes the FBI agents uncomfortable.  He always has a huge blurred out censor bar between his legs.  Even when he was found as a baby it was almost past his feet.

I love the reclusive expert who refuses to help theme of the comic.  It works well with the character and gave an opportunity to show off the house made of bear skins.  At one point Shirtless pilots a plane made of bear skins as well.

The issue had a joke on every page and I was laughing like a mad man while reading this issue.  This is a comic I will definitely keep my eye on.  It has been a long time since I have read a fun comic like this.






Written by: Sebastian Girner and Jody LeHeup

Art by: Mike Spicer and Nil Vendrell

Cover by: Andrew Robinson

Release: 6/21/2017

Issue: 1

Publisher: Image Comics


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