Matt Lanter and Ashley Eckstein are reunited at last working together again on an undisclosed project. We do know it’s for Star Wars and they will be reprising their roles of Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. The two have worked together many times across several different Star Wars properties including Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

The last time we saw the two together was when Lanter came back to voice Anakin in the Rebels season 2 finale during a battle with his former padawan where his mask was cracked open. During season 3, we haven’t really seen much of him or Ahsoka with Vader taking a backseat to Grand Admiral Thrawn since his introduction. As for Ahsoka, following her emotional face to face with her old master, she stayed within the Malachor as it was crumbling apart and walked towards the collapsing temple causing much debate on whether she is dead or not.

Yesterday Eckstein took to Twitter and posted a picture teasing fans about her and Lanter recording together. “How can your Monday be UGH when you get to record with Matt Lanter in your Matt Lanter shirt???” she jokingly wrote. She didn’t leave any clues as to what the project is and the picture itself doesn’t give anything away either.

There two guesses as to what the project is. The obvious one is the upcoming season of Rebels. This is the last season of the show and we know Dave Filoni is gearing up for a big send off. Filoni himself has confirmed that Ahsoka will be returning one way or another and it would be fitting for Filoni to give us the closure on the Ahsoka and Anakin story after what transpired on Malachor. The second option is that the actors could be lending their voice to Star Wars: Force of Destiny. We know that the upcoming series will be canon animated shorts that take place across many different eras in the Star Wars Universe. Both Lanter and Eckstein are credited on the show’s IMDB page as their respective characters, but since no confirmation regarding this has been announced. Regardless, we’re excited to see what the project is. With the last season of Rebels just seeing them together gets us excited.




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