When the State of Decay 2 trailer premiered during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, it was a huge let down. Fans of the franchise couldn’t believe what they had just watched and criticized the game as just looking like an HD remake of the original game. The biggest complaint was that the character model and movements looked extremely rough. After all, this game is considered a zombie game and it has some big titles to compete with such as The Last of Us and Left 4 Dead. I was not impressed and was determined to find out more information on what went wrong with this game at this year’s E3 show. But taking a deeper look at the game surprised me and caught my interest in actually wanting to play it, still not as a zombie game but as a survival game instead.

…I Didn’t Sense Any Fear From The Zombies, They Could Have Been Anything…

Before I go into detail about the things I liked and disliked, let me start off by stating that I have not played the original game. However, I was aware of the hype following it and the desire for a sequel. And upon seeing the trailer I had to wonder where did all the hype come from? Of course, the demos I saw at E3 were presented on the new Xbox One X and made the game look extremely impressive. But the zombie aspect and graphics were still bugging me. The blood effects looked cheesy and the damage to objects such as vehicles looked mediocre, and I didn’t sense any fear from the zombies. They could have been anything (bandits, thieves, wolves, bubbles) and I would have felt the same way about them. They didn’t have that heart pumping fear factor you get when you play a well done horror game. And this felt like a problem. But there was something else in the game that saved it for me and actually makes me want to try the game out.

…Seeing More Of What This Game Had To Offer Helped Open My Mind To A Game I Had So Quickly Rejected…

The game definitely focuses more on it’s survival aspect rather than it’s zombie themes and if they had presented that better in the trailer I think more people would have been impressed, including me. As a side note I enjoy open world survival games, a lot. I love games like Don’t Starve Together and the base building in Fallout 4. So seeing more of what this game had to offer helped open my mind to a game I had so quickly rejected at the start.

State of Decay 2 offers a deeper character system with a deeper base building system as well as offering a new co-op mode. You play as a community of survivors rather than a singular hero character, and each hero is unique with a combination from 1000 trait possibilities. And these traits influence that characters survival skills, which include cardio, stealth, wits, fighting and shooting. Potential base building areas become available depending on your survivors, for example if you obtain a character with a gardening trait you will have the option of building a garden outside. But your characters will still be able to permanently die, so be careful who you choose to go out on raids. The Vehicles in the game can now be upgraded more than before, such as more fuel or armor. And with the new multiplayer system, you can manage your camps together. Although each player ultimately maintains control of their own camps, players can control different survivors from the same camp. You can clear out camps and claim outposts together as well as add resources to your camps. You have the option of playing with up to three friends or joining with volunteer players online. The in-depth base building and multiplayer mode both have me interested to see what else will be revealed about this game before it’s release in spring of 2018.

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