This year’s E3 was off to an interesting start for Nintendo. They already released the Nintendo Switch along with their only game to showcase last year, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in March. With a console and big title drop, the gaming crowds were curious to see if Nintendo had anything else along the way? We knew that there was no Nintendo DS news since they decided to cancel the 3DS due to low sales. What could Nintendo possibly have up their sleeves? A Metroid or StarFox title? Maybe Smash Bros for the Switch?

Nintendo dropped the news of their popular Splatoon game with a sequel, a teaser for a new Metroid (the most exciting news), their new title, ARMs, and out of NOWHERE, a brand new Mario title!

For retro gamers, a past Mario title had been incredibly popular, Super Mari0 64 for the Nintendo 64. This new Mario title, Super Mario Odyssey, already felt heavily like a new version of that.

Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D-platformer. It’s open-ended and exploration-based, similar to Super Mario 64!

The game takes Mario (you), as he travels across many worlds to save Peach from Bowser, who plans on marrying her! The worlds Mario travels to are similar to you and I, because they mimic real world places. You start off in a spot called New Donk City, and looks exactly like New York. There is a mayor, Pauline (fun fact: Peach’s original name was Paulina), and she asks you to go on a mission.

After playing the demo at E3, I can see why Super Mario Odyssey is a hit. The graphics are amazing, the mechanics are fun (using the Switch controllers very creatively), the music is catchy, and the game is interesting and random that makes the player want to play more and explore more. It’s also very challenging, seeing as it’s 3D component and the missions are hard to follow, and a brand new component to this Mario game. The new component being Cappy, Mario’s iconic red cap, is a key in the game.

The mechanism with Cappy is interesting because Mario has never been able to use his hat before for anything. Any powers Mario has ever received is by an item he collects in the game, and can even possibly lose later. Mushrooms, fire flowers, stars, etc. Cappy can be used a weapon, to attack enemies; as a boomerang, to hit something like a question block; and can be use to possess things! You can possess a fire hydrant, a person, a bullet bill, and even a T-Rex!

Check out the gameplay below taken at E3:

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