Ten Kamehamehas to Celebrate Kamehameha Day

June 11th celebrates King Kamehameha I, the first King of Hawaii who united the Hawaii islands in 1795. To celebrate Kamehameha Day, here are ten of Goku’s strongest and strangest Kamehameha’s, which is named after the King.

1. The First Kamehameha

The Kamehameha is first used in Dragon Ball by Master Roshi in order to extinguish the flames at Ox-King’s home on Fire Mountain. After witnessing the attack, Goku immediately imitates, by creating a much smaller wave, than Roshi.


2. Mr. Popo

Years after learning the Kamehameha wave, Goku unleashes the devasting attack against Mr. Popo while training on top of the Look Out, but Mr. Popo simply eats it!

3. Dr. Wheelo

During the climax of Dragon Ball Z “World’s Strongest,” Goku calls upon the Kaio-Ken x3 to power up his Kamehameha wave enough to send Dr. Wheelo into space.

4. The First Super Kamehameha

While facing Piccolo at the World Martial Arts tournament, Goku announces that he is going to release a super Kamehameha, but Roshi reminds Goku that if he kills Piccolo, Kami will also die. Krillin chimes in to remind Goku that the Dragon Balls can resurrect Kami (In Z we learn that if Piccolo or Kami die, the balls go as well), so Goku releases his attack!


5. The Sun

While traveling to planet Namek, Goku has to repair his space ship, but accidentally glues himself to the surface. Both the ship and Goku are headed straight towards the sun, but Goku uses his Kamehameha to redirect his space ship.

6. Frieza!

With his power below fifty percent, Goku pushes himself to the limit, achieving Kaio-Ken x20 to send a highly destructive Kamehameha Frieza’s way.

7. Red Kamehameha

While battling Super 17, Goku realizes that 17 is absorbing his attacks. Goku resolves to give 17 more energy than he can handle, firing a red Kamehameha, but to his dismay, Goku learns that Super 17 can absorb much more than Goku had thought.

8. Cell

Goku isn’t the brightest, but when it comes to fighting, trust that he knows what he is doing. The build up of fear surround this Kamehameha and Goku’s delivery, makes this arguably one of the best Kamehameha scenes ever!

9. Super Saiyan God Blue Kaio-Ken x10

Being pushed to his limit, in desperation, combines Kaio-Ken x10 with Super Saiyan God Blue. Transforming into a Super Saiyan creates a lot of stress on the body and combining it with the Kaio-Ken can be potentially fatal. If Goku had made one mistake, this technique would have killed him. Realizing that his body cannot handle that amount of stress, Goku tries to end the battle with an explosive Kamehameha!


10. Kamehameha vs Galick Gun

Before Vegeta was Goku’s rival, he was his enemy. Vegeta and Goku slug it out, giving it everything they have. Even their blasts are equal. With his muscles bulging, Goku exhausts his body, raising the level of his Kaio-Ken to beat Vegeta’s Galick Gun. After the attack, Goku can barely move a muscle.

With so many Kamehamehas to choose from, we probably missed a few. Comment below and let us know which Kamehameha is your favorite and don’t forget to visit our website to keep up to date with everything trending in Geek Pop Culture!

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