It looks like Dwayne Johnson is still a contender to play The Wolfman for the Universal Studios’ Dark Universe. According to THR, the studio is looking at the actor very closely, as well as Angelina Jolie for the Bill Condon-directed Bride of Frankenstein. Now, this isn’t exactly breaking news: rumors of Johnson’s involvement stem all the way back to last June, while Jolie was first mentioned as a possibility for Bride of Frankenstein back in 2015.

Casting Dwayne Johnson in Universal’s ambitious “Monster-verse” is a no-brainer. Very few actors in Hollywood right now can come close to matching the crowds that the Fate of the Furious actor attracts; he is the very definition of an international superstar. Putting Johnson and Jolie into the mix with the likes of Tom Cruise, who is a mega-star in his own right, could prove extremely lucrative for Universal.

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