SHED, a captivating new creator-owned comic book series, takes readers on an epic journey in which Earth is shedding her Homo sapiens, while breeding a new, skinless race called the Sarx. Possessing no visible traces of what is normally associated with race; like skin color, hair texture, and eyelid shape, the Sarx are denied basic human rights and treated like a vile and repugnant subculture, until the humans discover that their perceived enemy and the subject of their abusive torture, may be their only hope against mass extinction.  SHED has officially debuted on the company’s website and is now available for digital download and purchase of print copies.

Not since the Neanderthal have humans been forced to share Earth with a Homo-genus-cousin, and their extinction was most likely caused by human activity.  SHED explores the intricacies of such a bio cultural relationship through the humans and the Sarx, in a story that spans two generations, and centers on the life of a female Sarx messiah, known as Grace.  Perhaps timelier than ever, the world of the Sarx could parallel that of ours and give us a glimpse into what our future may hold if we continue down our current path.

SHED is the first series from the newly formed Sabotage Industries; a fully-funded, multifaceted production company focused on creating thought-provoking narratives that inspire social change.  Award-winning writer Obie Scott Wade (SheZow, Julius & Friends) and creator Ken Spevergav founded Sabotage Industries in 2017 and spent years collaborating on SHED, bringing this incredible world to life through complex storytelling and gripping illustrations by artist, Steve Beach (The Lost Boys of the U-Boat Bremen; The Witching Hour.)

“I was inspired by the literary works of Ursula Le Guin and Margaret Atwood to create a sci-fi universe fueled by a complex female character,” said Wade. “In SHED, we have a strong female protagonist, from a blended family, comprised of Sarx and humans, who engages in an epic battle against radioactive natural forces, and toxic racism; a battle for survival she is not certain she can win.”


While a fictional series, Wade and Spevergav took a unique approach to developing the narrative that makes its haunting and potentially predictive storylines all too real. The creators consulted experts in the fields of science, medicine, and law enforcement, including The Science and Entertainment Exchange; Isaac Maya, director of nuclear engineering sciences at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering; Dr. Laurence K. Gorlick M.D.; and Officer William Rich, LAPD.

Digital and print copies of SHED are available at Sabotage Industries.

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