That Hashtag show interviewed actor Feodor Chin, the voice of Zenyatta in “Overwatch.”  Feodor Chin answered questions about opportunities for Asian actors, favorite characters and lines in the game, and what is his dream skin for Zenyatta.


Feodor Chin is an actor, writer, and director who co-produces a monthly improv show at Upright Citizens Brigade Los Angeles called “The Golden Hour.”  For information on future shows, please go to


Guys, I am here with one of my very favorite support heroes, Feodor Chin, otherwise known as the voice of…


Feodor Chin:  Zenyatta.


Oh, I love it.  Um, so when you interviewed for the “Overwatch” voice acting, when they were trying to cast you and they’re testing your alliance, you actually didn’t just do Zenyatta’s alliance.  You did some other heroes.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah.  Yeah.  I auditioned for Genji and uh, Hanzo as well.  Um you know I think um…


The serious characters?


Feodor Chin:  The serious…


All three.


Feodor Chin:  The serious Asian characters.  I um, yeah let’s know, let’s not uh, you know but yeah.


Serious, serious dudes.


Feodor Chin:  I think they felt like I was a little bit more robotic and you know let’s go with the robot.


Well, “Overwatch”…


Feodor Chin:  The Omnic.


Yeah.  Well I think Zenyatta is awesome.  He uh, if you can be a master pro Zenyatta…


Feodor Chin:  Hmmm.


You’re actually very scary. So have you played as Zenyatta?  Or some “Overwatch?”


Feodor Chin:  I have not.  But I plan to, I know, I will but you know when they gave me the copy, I um, I gave it to my nephew.  And he loves it.




Feodor Chin:  Big fan.  Cameron Chin, if you’re watching, buddy, this is for you.  Yeah he loved it.


Only play after you do your homework.


Feodor Chin:  Right exactly. Do your homework.  Um, but he loves it.  His friends love it.


That’s awesome.


Feodor Chin:  I do plan to play it at some point but I am, what they call uh, what they call I guess a button masher.  I’m not…


You know what?  I’m a button masher too.


Feodor Chin:  Right.


I’m D. Va main.  So I’m just like uuuugh.  (mimics mashing buttons)  Like yeah.


Feodor Chin:  Right.  I understand Zenyatta is not easy to master.




Feodor Chin:  So I just don’t have the uh…


You gotta aim, it’s hard…


Feodor Chin:  Yeah.


And you stay back.


Feodor Chin:  Right.


And so somebody comes around and like tries to flank and get you from the back, you’re kind of SOL.


Feodor Chin:  Right.  Right, right.  Well like I said, I did hear, yeah he stays in the back…




Feodor Chin:  Which is what I think I would do in a real fight.  Just kinda hang back.  Go ahead.


Just chillin’ back here.


Feodor Chin:  Back here.


Throw you an orb or two.


Feodor Chin:  Right.  Right exactly.  Lobbing, yeah.  I would totally do that.


I mean, Zenyatta is an awesome character but he is not your first in the gaming world as a voice actor.


Feodor Chin:  No, no.  I’ve done a few things.


I did some sneaking around, I did some IMDB.


Feodor Chin:  All right.


And I realized you are quite, you know, the list of gaming voices.


Feodor Chin:  I’ve done some stuff.  Yeah.


You’ve done some other Blizzard stuff.


Feodor Chin:  Yes, yes I was Mudmug in “Mists of Pandaria.”  (in Mudmug voice) “Ayup.”  The one, the one Southern panda in “A World of Asian Pandas.”  Some might not know…


Why not?


Fedor Chin:  Yeah.


Sure, why not?


Feodor Chin:  Sure, Southern Asian panda.  I guess.


That’s awesome.  And then you were in some other games.  You were in “Sleeping Dogs.”


Feodor Chin:  That’s right, yeah.  I was, uh, Tran.


“World of Warcraft.”  Which you mentioned.


Feodor Chin:  Yes.


You were in “XCOM” 1 and 2.


Feodor Chin:  Yes.  Yeah.


You were, I’m just gonna tell everybody I mean yes, I’m just now I’m your agent, I’m just gonna tell everybody.


Feodor Chin:  Sure sure.  Please.  Please.  Tell them.


And you’re one of my favorites, Splinter.


Feodor Chin:  (Splinter voice)  “Master Splinter.”  Yes, yes.


Yes!  Do you have a favorite turtle?


Feodor Chin:  Uh…


Judging you.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah yeah yeah.  Um, I’m gonna say Donatello.


(High fives Feodor)  Thank you.  I love Donatello.  Purple and science, yes, why not?


Fedor Chin:  Yeah.


So what’s the future for you?


Feodor Chin:  More voice stuff.  Um, also if I could plug…


Please do.  Yes and show the camera.


Feodor Chin:  I do sketch comedy (shows flyer to camera) every month at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles.  If you’re in LA, come on by.  Our next show is, uh, May 25th.  That’s a Thursday at 8 at UCB Franklin.  It’s uh, we showcase Asian American talent.  It’s a good time to come on out if you can make it.


We’ll put the link in the info guys.


Feodor Chin:  Oh yeah.


So you can guys can definitely link up and find the location.


Feodor Chin:  That’d be great.


So you’re speaking about other things you do.  I know and it’s uh, the voice actors are all over the place.  Some of them don’t use social media at all.  I’m looking at you Gaku Space Genji.


Feodor Chin:  Gaku, yeah.  He’s a ludite.  Out of…


Literally a ninja.


Feodor Chin:  Yea, he writes letters, like actual letters.


Does he?


Feodor Chin:  I don’t know. (laughs)


He probably does! 


Feodor Chin:  He just…


Snail mail only.


Feodor Chin:  Right.  Right.


You actually are very active on Twitter.  You have a voice.


Feodor Chin:  I have been known to tweet.  I’ve been known to tweet.


Tweet around. 


Fedor Chin:  Yeah.  Yeah.


Here and there.


Feodor Chin:  Yes.  Yeah, I’d say, this is the Hashtag show?




Feodor Chin:  I’d say my favorite hashtag right now is hashtag impeach.  So, you know, take that…


I agree. 


Fedor Chin: (chuckling)


Oh I 100% agree.


Feodor Chin:  So yea.  Hashtag impeach.  Let’s uh, let’s get this thing done…


With you, brother.


Feodor Chin:  …before our country is…


Before we learn the hard way.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah.  You know?  C’mon.  C’mon, guys.


We don’t need a long lesson.  Shorten it. 


Feodor Chin:  Yeah.  C’mon guys.


We get the picture.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah.  Absolutely.


Um so you…


Feodor Chin:  Ok.


All right.  Um, so what’s really amazing about you, I again, sneaking around on IMDB.  You are a writer.  You are a producer.  You are an actor.  You’re a voice actor. You’re a director.  You have the full repertoire.  You’re behind the camera, in front the camera.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah, well…


How’s that like with you know?


Feodor Chin:  Well, I think you know a lot of it is actually kind of out of necessity.  It’s, you start off as an actor and a lot of times you find you might not really get the parts or the opportunities uh, that you’d like and the best way to make things happen is to do it yourself.




Feodor Chin:  You know?  And so a lot of times you end up writing stuff.  It’s like I’m doing this, I’m producing this sketch show.




Feodor Chin:  It’s uh, you know to create opportunities for myself and my friends and maybe folks who, um, don’t normally get opportunities in Hollywood.  Like people of color and minorities and um women, you know?  So…


And “The Golden Hour features?


Feodor Chin:  Asian American actors.


That’s amazing.


Feodor Chin:  A lot of ladies.


Lots of ladies, guys.  Lots of ladies.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah.  Lots of ladies, come on.  If you love ladies, come on out.  My, uh, co-producer and co-host Jolene Kim.  She’s also, she’s a terrific actress and writer herself.  And uh, yeah!




Feodor Chin:  It’s a good time.


So speaking of, you uh, understand that like the Unites States has this uh, this weird ground that we have about casting Asian Americans. 


Feodor Chin:  Uh huh.  Sure sure.


Or just even Asians from Asia.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah yeah yeah.


In Hollywood.  What do you, how do you feel about that?  What do you, what’s your like, if you had control, what would you do?


Feodor Chin:  Well…


How can we remedy the situation?


Feodor Chin:  I tell you, you know ultimately it’s an issue of opportunity.




Feodor Chin:  And in an ideal world like anybody could play any part.  You know, I mean but the reality is like a show like “Hamilton” it’s teriffic.  But you never, you hardly ever get to see that where a Puerto Rican or an African American gets to play…


Main parts.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah.


Yeah.  Absolutely. 


Feodor Chin:  And particularly historically, you know, caucasian roles.


But look how fantastic they did.


Feodor Chin:  Exactly.


That was great as well.  Expensive, beautiful, awesome, sold out.


Feodor Chin:  Right, right.  So I, so I think that is why it’s a wonderful thing but because it doesn’t work the opposite way, that a lot of times you’ll see white actors getting asked to be in Asian roles.


“Ghost in the Shell.”


Feodor Chin:  Yeah, “Ghost in the Shell.”


“Death Note.”


Feodor Chin:  Yeah and this uh, “Death Note.”  And what was the one I just saw the other day?  Hasn’t been made yet but it’s about a Hawaiian, it’s based on an actual World War II, actual real story.




Feodor Chin:  And they cast, as a Hawaiian man, a uh, I think he is Scottish?  Irish?  Like it’s just, it’s, it’s insane.


I feel your pain.  I feel your pain.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah, yeah.


I’m Middle Eastern.


Feodor Chin:  Right.


So I get to see my people are all cast as only one certain type of thing.


Feodor Chin:  Right.  Yes, yes.


And it’s like…


Feodor Chin:  Right.


C’mon you guys.


Feodor Chin:  It’s just a question of opportunity.


Let’s get to the “Overwatch” fan questions.


Feodor Chin:  Yes, okay, yeah, yeah.


All right.  So I had some questions that fans wanted to ask.


Feodor Chin:  Okay.  All right, I hope I can answer them.


So if you could be any other character besides Zenyatta.


Feodor Chin:  Oh!  Okay.  Yeah.


Who would you be?


Feodor Chin:  You know uh…


Any passion toward another character? 


Feodor Chin:  Right, right, right.


Cause I now you tried out for Hanzo and Genji.


Feodor Chin:  I was gonna say, I think uh, I did, I think I read for Hanzo before Zenyatta.




Feodor Chin:  And I just, uh, he looked so cool.  And he is like, he’s just a, he’s kind of a badass, right?




Feodor Chin:  You know?


With the tattoo sleeves.


Feodor Chin:  And he’s huge.


One titty hanging out.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah.  Yeah right?  He always has half a boob.  He’s uh, and he’s yoked.


We would like to hear your favorite Zenyatta voice line.


Feodor Chin:  Gee.  Let’s see.  Uh, I suppose there’s um, (speaks in Zenyatta voice) “experience tranquility.”  Which is nice.  And also of course (speaks in Zenyatta voice) “Pass into the Iris.”  And uh, I think whenever I go in for sessions, I love that he is so zen and relaxed because I try to be pretty chill but I think I could stand to be a little more.  Particularly in these times.




Feodor Chin:  You know we can all be a little more zen and so it’s nice when I get to embody that.


That’s amazing.  Have you seen his skins?


Feodor Chin:  I have!  I have.


The nutcracker?


Feodor Chin:  The nutcracker is so cool.


That was hilarious.


Feodor Chin:  That’s fantastic yeah.


I like, I think they had a special one as well for the lunar new year?


Feodor Chin:  Yes. Yeah, yeah.


That was really cool as well.


Feodor Chin:  That was a handsome, very handsome looking dude.


Oh.  Very.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah. Good job.


Just like this drawing behind us.  Who drew this?


Feodor Chin:  I did!  You gotta love that, right?  That’s my…


Blizzard, if you need an artist?  He’s available.


Feodor Chin:  Exactly. Come on.


I think you have his contact.


Feodor Chin:  Clearly, clearly.


It’s amazing.


Feodor Chin:  You want that stuff in this game.  Oh.


Anjali Bhimani:  (crawls over from next booth)  You ready?


(Anjali Bhimani pops up in the background behind the interview and makes face)  What’s going on?


Feodor Chin:  You saw…


Support, support, support.


Feodor Chin:  You saw Anjali’s already though? (points at Anjali’s booth) Clearly it’s…Uh you know.


She wins.  She wins.


Feodor Chin:  I think so. Absolutely.


So I actually want to ask you a question.  Zenyatta has some pretty cool skins but if you could pick a skin for him, using your own imagination, cause clearly you’re an artist, you know what’s up.  What skin would Zenyatta have?


Feodor Chin:  You know, I don’t know if that’s possible because it’s like, uh…


Crossing over?


Feodor Chin:  crossing over you know different, uh, properties, but you know.  Especially cause I see he’s got the arms and stuff.  He would look cool as Spider-man. Don’t you think?




Feodor Chin:  Speaking of, there’s Spidey right there!


There’s a Spider-man right next to us.


Feodor Chin:  You know and he’s kind of built the same kind of like the same like kind of very…


That would be cool.


Feodor Chin:  Like a Spider-man Zenyatta skin would be awesome.


That’d be cool.


Feodor Chin:  But you know, I don’t know that Disney would, you know would probably…


We can fan about it.


Feodor Chin:  Yeah.  C’mon!


Have you had any fans by the way, come up to you, tweet you, give you cool art?  Any cool fan stories?


Feodor Chin:  Yeah!  Well today we had, oh, he made one of these for all of us.  (Pulls plush version of Zenyatta out of a bag)


Oh my God! 


Feodor Chin:  Look at that.  How adorable is that?


It’s a Pachimari!  That is so cute.


Feodor Chin:  That is so cute right?


And it’s you!


Feodor Chin:  That’s right!  (laughs)


Oh my God!  That is amazing!


Feodor Chin:  Yeah.


If you could do a voice line, no Hanzo, no Genji.


Feodor Chin:  Okay.


Do a different voice line by another character, who would you choose?


Feodor Chin:  Geez.  Well what is it, what is Roadhog’s one about the bacon?  It’s uh, show me, does he say something about bacon?


Road?  Oh!


Feodor Chin:  Or, show me the bacon?


I think so.  I’m not sure.  I haven’t really…


Feodor Chin:  Oh okay.  Well I guess we could ask Josh.




Feodor Chin:  Josh!


What’s your thing about bacon?


Feodor Chin:  What is your line about bacon?


Josh:  Say it one more time!


Feodor Chine:  What is your line about bacon?


Josh Petersdorf:  Say it one more time.


Feodor Chin:  Oh, I see.


Say bacon one more time.


Feodor Chin:  As Zenyatta?


As Zenyatta, yes.


Feodor Chin:  (speaks in Zenyatta voice) “Say bacon one more time.”


I love it.


(Josh Petersdorf jumps into booth behind interview and shakes his head no, then jumps out of booth)




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