Head of IO, Miles Craven, sends his best operative in Mike Cray after Angela Spica and her tech armor in The Wild Storm #5.

Craven explains to Cray why he needs to deal with Spica quickly and discreetly.  He explains how they stole some of the stealth tech for the armor from Skywatch.  Skywatch controls everything that happens in space.  The problem is that Skywatch doesn’t know the tech was stolen and if they find out problems could arise.

Lucy Blaze aka Zealot investigates the location of the fight which happened two issues ago.  When she does a creature from Daemon comes out of the shadows.  It is apparent Zealot doesn’t trust it and they have some history.  The creature tells Zealot to not interfere with the events involving Spica.

I have really hated the previous issues of this series, but this one is a lot better and is the best issue so far.  Don’t get me wrong it is still bad, but it is less bad than before.

The cover of the issue with Zealot looks really cool.  It reminds of Dante from Devil May Cry.  Zealot dresses like that the whole issue and I love her look.  She also seem real badass and I really want to see more of her.

This Daemon thing got me really excited.  Zealot calls it Daemon, but I looked it up and the planet it comes from is called Daemon and the creatures themselves are called Daemonites.  I’m not sure if this is a mistake or if they are now called Daemons.

Anyway it comes out of the shadows behind Zealot and I really wanted to see a fight between the two.  However, the creature says they are just are observing and don’t want trouble.  “Well you found trouble mister” is what I wish Zealot said but she just says okie dokie basically.

While I was reading this issue I got excited when things would happen and I thought things would start to take off and get good.  These are just teases though and are never taken advantage of.  

There are zero action scenes in the comic.  The scene with the Daemon would be a perfect time for some action and they wasted it.  At the end of the previous issue we see Cray has developed the power to melt a coffee mug.  However, they don’t address it at all or even mention it.  I think they forgot that this really cool thing happened and to use it to make the issue more interesting.

Every issue so far has ended like that.  It reveals something cool or ends on some action.  It makes me believe the next issue is when this series will start to get good, but then they just don’t pick up with the cool part or the action scene is over in a few panels.

This issue is astoundingly boring.  When I think back to what this issue was about it is real hard to remember.  The main plot of this issue is a minor plotline in any other decent comic.

Reading this issue is like listening to a story where the speaker speeds through the interesting parts and dwells on the boring aspects.  






Written by:  Warren Ellis

Art by:  Jon Davis-Hunt, Steve Buccellato and Ivan Plascencia

Cover by: Jon Davis-Hunt

Release:  6/21/2017

Issue:  5

Publisher: DC Comics


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