Overwatch has many heroes, but there is a special kind of love to the supports. They’re everyone’s favorites to have on the team, including Zenyatta, voiced by Feodor Chin. Special attention is given to favorite characters, in the ways of giving fans extra voice lines or skins. Fans designs and conceptualize skins for their favorite hero, and it’s even more fun when voice actors have an idea for their character as well!

So I actually want to ask you a question. Zenyatta has some pretty cool skins but if you
could pick a skin for him, using your own imagination, cause clearly you’re an artist, you
know what’s up. What skin would Zenyatta have?
Feodor Chin: You know, I don’t know if that’s possible because it’s like, uh…
Crossing over?
Feodor Chin: crossing over you know different, uh, properties, but you know. Especially cause
I see he’s got the arms and stuff. He would look cool as Spider-man. Don’t you think?
Feodor Chin: Speaking of, there’s Spidey right there!
There’s a Spider-man right next to us.
Feodor Chin: You know and he’s kind of built the same kind of like the same like kind of very…
That would be cool.
Feodor Chin: Like a Spider-man Zenyatta skin would be awesome.
That’d be cool.
Feodor Chin: But you know, I don’t know that Disney would, you know would probably…
We can fan about it.
Who knows if Blizzard will ever have a cross over skin, especially with licensing and rights, but one can always dream and hope! And it’s always fun seeing the voice actors having fun and geeking out about their own characters, and dreaming up their own skins!


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