Fiona Vroom, the actress that portrayed the original Yellow Ranger in the Power Rangers Movie posted photos on her Instagram page that may suggest she was playing a Ranger from Aquitar. The unnamed character would meet her untimely demise at the hands of the Green Ranger, Rita Repulsa. We see Vroom not only in the film’s opening but eagle-eyed fans noticed that she also played the jewelry store owner who once again encounters Rita played by Elizabeth Banks, as she searches for gold. This is our first highly detailed look at the Alien Ranger.

Zroom was the only original Power Ranger aside from Bryan Cranston’s version of Zordon that appeared in the film. The other three Rangers (Black, Pink, and Blue) were never seen on screen though they were in early drafts of the script and were definitely described as aliens. Here is a part of an earlier script describing the Alien Black Ranger.

“The Golden Warrior SLAYS the Black Ranger with one terrifying stroke of his weapon. Death releases what looks like a COIN from the Black Ranger’s body. The size of a silver dollar — it’s featureless, indestructible. Her armor DISASSEMBLES into the air… Her ALIEN SKIN has a silvery sheen, her lifeless eyes closed.

The make-up effects for this film were incredible and we can only imagine how the other aliens would have looked!

The Power Rangers Movie is currently out on Blu-Ray and DVD.



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