Justice League #24 Review

The Justice League races to stop Mera from flooding the east coast of the U.S. as she relentlessly tries to break a magical dome sealing Atlantis off, with Arthur (Aquaman) trapped.

Justice League #24 is a tie-in to Aquaman #24 & #25 event.

Mera is easily defeating the Justice League until Superman convinces her to talk. Mera explains that has been trying to free her husband and does not want help from the Justice League because she fears it might cause a war with the surface dwellers, which is the last thing Arthur ever wanted.

The story is self-contained but also opens to a bigger event. That is my favorite type of comic. I love a comic that I can pick up and have a beginning, middle and end without being completely lost to everything going on, but also offers a continuation of the plot in a next issue or separate comic. If you’ve never read Justice League, you can jump right in at issue #24.

The art is spectacular. I love how beautifully the water is drawn and colored, especially colored. Adriano Lucas’s coloring really makes you feel like you’re on a stormy sea.

It’s hard to juggle a team of characters and that usually means no character is given depth or one or two of them are. In this case, Mera is the character given depth. We can sympathize her desperate and reckless attempt to save her husband and her fear of the Justice League, whom she adds is Arthur’s friends not her. Mera considers herself an outsider and at this moment is afraid and alone. Batman suggests she return to the Watchtower and later she joins the team for a mission.

Justice League #24 is a fun issue to pick up. Like I said, anyone can randomly jump into Justice League with this issue without being lost, and if the thought of Mera trying to rescue her husband from Atlantis excites you, then you can follow the story into Aquaman.


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