We could have had a completely looking Batsuit in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Despite what you thought of the film, one thing is for certain, the costume looked like it was ripped right out of The Dark Knight Returns comic and Ben Affleck looked great as Batman!

Concept artist for the film, Jarad S. Marantz, has revealed some art that shows a very different Batsuit, and let me just say, this dude is talented. Both of these suits look great! The first has more of an armor plated look. We can see the Justice League Tactical suit that Affleck wears may have taken inspiration from this early design. The other is more in line with Batman: Arkham Knight mixed with the Christian Bale Batsuit. Take a look at the artwork below.

Batman will return to theaters with the rest of the Justice League on November 7th, 2017.



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